Scientini designs innovative and super fun science-based toys and educational products targeting children of all ages who are curious about how the universe works. Our products are designed to exemplify fundamental science through play and scientific exploration. Scientini’s mission is to spark and foster scientific curiosity in children and create imaginative thinkers, creators, inventors and pioneers through a journey of learning by experimentation. Together we play, explore and discover the magic world of science!

The human mind is inherently curious and scientifically inclined. Our interest in how the world around us functions in unison begins during the early stages of childhood and continues throughout our lifetime. The best way to encourage children’s interest in sciences and technology is to provide them with opportunities to play while learning, and learn while playing. STEM toys and educational services can merge fun and education in creative and exciting ways, and motivate and enable children to be original, imaginative thinkers, builders, explorers and inventors.

We are a multidisciplinary team of scientists and educators with a common vision to stimulate scientific curiosity through innovative and inspiring educational services and products for children.We offer specialized curriculums via which children explore rudimental principles of science and their applications in real life through laboratory-based experimentation and hypothesis-driven research. We also design and offer novel educational toys developed to spark scientific curiosity and entertain the whole family through a journey of experimentation and discovery.

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