Through these interactive exhibitions children and parents have the opportunity to play, experiment and discover through hands on activities that showcase fundamental principles of science. Meet the microcosmos through activities involving microscopy and stereoscopy, culture bacteria, explore the weird properties of non-Newtonian fluids, discover fun properties of water through chromatography, isolate your own DNA and take it home, and become a forensic scientist for a day, through a series of fun, educational activities and experiments suitable for children and adults alike. Come to play, explore and discover with us the magic world of science!

A beautiful and creative month full of science has come to an end! Thank you all, especially our little scientists for your participation in the Scientini Summer Camp. It was just great that we had you with us and we learned from you. Our team will continue to create entertaining, interactive science-based activities as well as innovative educational games centered on the STEM principles. We hope soon to be ready to share some of these products with you! We will keep you up to date, have a good summer!!

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