Scientini STEM are highly specialized laboratory exercises designed to enrich and enhance education in all major scientific disciplines, and empower children to explore and discover through hands-on, interactive workshops supervised by our highly-qualified educators. Our science curricula are designed around 4 educational pillars, and provide children and teenagers with the opportunity to immerse in a diverse exploration of sciences through experimentation in the following areas:

  • - Life Sciences (Biology, Microbiology and Medicine)
  • - Physical Sciences (Physics, Chemistry and Astronomy)
  • - Technology and Engineering
  • - Logic and Mathematical Reasoning

During Scientini Science Lab sessions, children of all ages get to play, experiment and discover through hands on activities that educate and excite!

Some of our activities:

  • - Meet the microcosmos through activities involving microscopy and stereoscopy
  • - Launch your rocket and learning about the hydrostatic pressure
  • - Culture bacteria
  • - Explore the weird properties of non-Newtonian fluids
  • - Discover fun properties of water through chromatography
  • - Isolate your own DNA and taking it home
  • - Become a forensic scientist for a day

Our team can visit any private and public school (Kindergarden, Primary School, Gymnasium, Lyceum) and organize super fun, hands-on scientific activities!

For information on Scientini STEM Labs, please contact us:
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By phone: (+357) 99131091

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