At Scientini, we are always eager to work with awesome people from awesome places! If you are adventurous, open minded and excited to try out new things, join us for an internship!

  • Zuzanna Król,
    Lodz University of Technology
  • Faculty: Biotechnology
  • Intern position: Product Developer
  • "I am absolutely glad that I gained experience while working in Scientini. Going for Erasmus+ internship here was an awesome decision."
  • -March 2018

  • Anastasia Papatheodorou,
    University of the Aegean
  • Faculty: Product and system design engeenering
  • Intern position: Product Developer
  • "It was an entertaining and educational experience charactetized by excellend bonds between the group members"
  • -January 2018

  • Magdalena Sujak,
    Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
  • Faculty: Graphics Art
  • Intern position: Graphic Designer
  • "I spent 3months in Scientini company. It was a great opportunity for me and my future career, as because of them I know exactly what I want to do! I learned a lot plus the atmosphere was always like at home…"
  • -September 2017

Kayleigh Singh,

University for the Creative Arts

Faculty: Product design
Intern Position: Product Developer

"My time with Scientini was extremely helpful and educational. Cyprus was an amazing place for an erasmus, with beautiful weather and beaches! Working with Scientini gave me a lot of freedom to experiment and play designing, and developing new products. The team was amazing to work with and always the most supportive, I am glad I chose to take my erasmus internship here!"

-December 2017

  • Sebastian Grajaszek, MSc.,
    Lodz University of Technology
  • Faculty: Management
  • Intern position: Marketing Manager
  • "I will never forget the time that I spent on Cyprus! With a clear conscience I can recommend that company as an amazing place for the internship."
  • -March 2018

  • Lisa Glybchenko,
    American University of Bulgaria
  • Faculty: International relations
  • Intern position: Graphic Designer
  • "Scientini was a great opportunity to combine art and science for a fun interdisciplinary purpose. I enjoyed every minute of my internship and my time in Cyprus!"
  • -June 2017

  • Kasia Kurop, MA.,
    Pedagogical University of Cracow

  • Faculty: Art and Design
  • Intern position: Graphic Designer
  • "I was participating in graphic design internship and with my team we had challenging tasks, awesome supervisors and a lot of great atmosphere. It was a good preparation for a bussiness world and my future career."
  • -September 2017

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